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Home at last

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Date: Sun, 1 Oct 1995 19:59:14 -0300
From: (Bruce and Peggy MacKinnon)
Subject: s/steely_dan/corrected version:home_at_last.crd


This is one of the more straightforward Steely Dan tunes in terms
chord vs. bassline and all those funky Fagen keyboard voicings.
It's from the Aja album, and I think most Dan fans will find it
familiar and fun to play.

HOME AT LAST - Steely Dan                        |-6--3--------3--3--3-1-3--|
                                            Lick:|-6--3 ---6/--3--3--3-1-3--|
INTRO: |Gm7| x8bars                              |---------5/---------------|
       |Gm7| x8bars with horns and lick          |--------------------------|
* Vs.I *                                         |--------------------------|
| Ebmaj7       | Bbmaj7      |  
     I know this superhighway

| Ebmaj7       | Bbmaj7      |
     This bright, familiar sun

| Ebmaj7   D7#9| Gm7    Ab7  | Gm7 | Gm7 |
     I guess that I'm the lucky one

| Ebmaj7       | Bbmaj7      |
     Who wrote that tired sea song

| Ebmaj7       | Bbmaj7      |
     Set on this peaceful shore

| Ebmaj7    D7#9    |  Gm7      Ab7  |  Gm7  |   Gm7   |
     You think you've heard this one before 

* Chorus *

        | Cm7        |   Cm7          | Gm7 | Gm7 |           
Well the  danger on the rocks is surely past

|    Cm7        |   Cm7         |  Dm7  |  Dm7  |
     Still I remain tied to the mast

        |  Cm7         | Cm7           |  Bbmaj7  |  Bbmaj7  | 
Could it be that I have found my home at last

                |  Ebmaj7  |  Ebmaj7  |  Ebmaj7  |  Ebmaj7   | 
     Home at last    (Horn Lick)

| Gm7 | x8bars

* Vs.II *
     She serves the smooth retsina
     She keeps me safe and warm
     It's just the calm before the storm
     Call in my reservation
     So long, hey thanks my friend
     I guess I'll try my luck again

* Chorus * plus | Gm7 | x8bars

* Synth Solo *  | F11 | F11 | F11 | F11 | (1/4 rest) A7 |

                | Dm7 Ab13 | Db7 | D7 |                     

                | Gm7 | x8bars                              

* Guitar Solo over Vs.I * 

* Chorus *

* Solo out on Gm7 *

The 'Synth Solo' part is tough to make sense of without someone
actually playing the solo along with you. Try playing it with the 
album to get the feel... I'm fairly certain the chords are correct.


353333   x6878x   6x776x   x5756x   464544   x35343     

Gm7      Ebmaj7   Bbmaj7   Dm7      Ab7      Cm7

X88888   575655   4X456X   X4342X   X5453X

F11      A7       Ab13     Db7      D7

If there are any typos or whatever, please e-mail me, Bruce MacKinnon

"Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice,
pull down your trousers, and slide on the ice" -Sydney Freidman



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