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Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 00:31:57 -0500
From: Nicholas Paluzzi 
Subject: Chords; brooklyn; steely dam


Steely Dan

[C11] [F] [Am7] [D] [C11] [F] [C]

[FMaj] A race of angels[Em7]bound with [Dm7] one[C]another 
[FMaj7]A dish of dollars[Em7] laid out for [Dm7]all to[G]see 
[Em7]A tower room at[G9]Eden Rock,[C]his golf at[Bb]noon for[A7]free 
[C11]Brooklyn owes the[F]charmer[Am7]under[D]me 
[C11]Brooklyn owes the[F]charmer under[C] me 

His lady's aching to bring a body down 
She daily preaches on where she wants to be 
An evening with a movie queen, a face we all have seen 
Brooklyn owes the charmer under me 
Brooklyn owes the charmer under me 

A case of aces done up loose for dealing 
A piece of island coolin' in the sea 
The whole of time we gain or lose, and power enough to choose 
Brooklyn owes the charmer under me 
Brooklyn owes the charmer under me





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