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Book of liars

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Book of Liars

by Walter Becker

from the album 11 Tracks of Whack

main theme:     extra riff:     

                 Fm     Bb   Ab       Ab   Bb   Cm    
  Bb/C    Fm   (xiii)  sus4 sus4  Cm  s4   s4  sus4  Fm(iv) 


Bb/C      Fm      Bb/C          Fm
   By and by girl      we'll get over

Bb/C          Fm                     Bb/C        Fm    
   the things we've done and the   things we've said

Bb/C        Fm            Bb/C                 Fm
   but not just now, girl     but I can't remember

Bb/C        Fm                    Bb/C         Fm
       exactly what it was I   thought we had

              Fm(xiii)       Bb4             Ab      Cm   
you know I've     waited so long, girl and I came so far

           Ab4          Bbs4            Cms4    Fm(iv)
to see that   you're not always who you say you are

 Bb/C      Fm               Bb/C  Fm                 Bb/C  Fm         Bb/C     Fm
              and there's a star      in the book of liars    by your name

          Bb/C  Fm               Bb/C  Fm        Bb/C   Fm    Bb/C    Fm
there's a star    in the book of liars   by your name

VERSE 2  (same music)

Santa Claus came home late last night 
drunk on Christmas wine
He fell down hard out in the driveway 
and hung his bag out on the laundry line

you know he's got a Cobra gunship for his golden boy
and a Hello Kitty for his pride and joy

and a silver star in the book of liars by your name
they hung a star in the book of liars by your name


horn solo over these chords:


then back to a verse for Fagen's e-piano solo


stars exploding, a long night passing, 
electrons dancing in a frozen crystal dawn
here's one left stranded at the zero crossing
 with the whole of his half-life left to carry on

butthenthe the world's much larger than it looks today, 
and if my back luck ever blows me back this way

I just look im my book of liars for your name
you know i'm gonna look in ther book of liars for your name


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