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Night by night

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"It's a beggars life, " said the Queen of Spades
"But dont tell it to the poor man
'Cause he's got to kill for every  thrill, the best he can"

Everywhere around me, I see Jealousy and Mayhem
Because no men have all their peace of mind, to carry them,
Well I don't really care, if its wrong or if its right
But until my Ship comes in, I live night by night

When the joker tried to tell me,
I couldn't cut it in a smooth town,
When he tried to hang that sign on me, I said "take it down"

When the dawn patrol got to tell you twice
They gonna do it with a shotgun
Yes, I'm cashin' in this ten-cent life, for another one
Well I ain't got the heart, to lose another fight,
So until my ship comes in, I live night by night

[instrumental solo]

Well I don't really care if it's wrong or if it's right
But until my ship comes in, I live night by night.


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