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On the streets of another jungle
On the low rent side of town
There's a club called Jack of Diamonds
And the brothers are gettin' down
Check the midnight set they got
Rad Rolling on the saxophone
Born again, hot boppin'
Many changes still unknown

20 years the same location
Nothing but the best will do
All is just a celebration
The passing of the Sanpaku

Drop your big girl and grab your girdle
Hurry up I wish you would
Let's just be there for the blowin'
Get it now while the getting's good
Tuesday come the big change-over
Sally sit, there's laughing trash
Ain't no more where this came from
If you miss that final bash

Every little eighth note smilin'
Every little phrase rings true
The man behind the bar is stylin'
On out into the avenue
Rounding out the true believers
There's three including me and you
Get the eager Berkeley beavers
I'm talking about the Sanpaku


Me and the J-girl stood there watching
A vision all in black and blue
I thought I heard the saints go marching
It was the passing of the Sanpaku

Nothing but your bad intentions
Is all they let you carry through
So steady in the next dimension
Is the coming of the Sanpaku


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