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The night belongs to Mona

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Comments (and/or questions) welcome, as always - especially about those 
pesky chords-with-a-different-bass-note;I don't really have what my 
music theory teacher (a bass player himself) used to call "bass-ear".
I already did some touching up since the first draft.




|C/D    Bb7+11| Amaj9   B7+5| Cmaj7/G    F7+11| Bb/Eb   A7+11|
|Bb/Ab        |       G7 b13||

||: Cmaj7        |Fmaj7          Am/C   | Em7     | Am7  |
       Mona's be - come a child   of the   night

|C13  |Fmaj7             | Bb7+11          |
  out      It's only for    bare necessities

| Cmaj7              |Fmaj7        Am/C      | Em7   | Am7             |
       She says she's  had it up to here with  light      while the city

|C13     |Fmaj7              | E7+11                 |
  sleeps,     That's when she   comes alive , yes the

|| Am7/G           | Am6              | Fm/A        | Em/A C/A    |
    night belongs to   Mona  When she's   dancing all alone, forty

| C/D    Bb7+11   | Amaj9   B7+5 | Cmaj7/G    F7+11 | Bb/Eb    A7+11   |
  floors above the   city,   CDs    spinnin',  AC      hummin'  Feelin'
|Bb/Ab          |(1)Bb/Ab       G7 b13:|| (repeat for 2nd verse)2nd
  pretty          ______________________
                 |(2) Bb/Ab             || to bridge:

|Fm maj7 /Ab             | Fm6/Ab  (Fm7/Ab) |
     Was it the fire down - town,       that

|Bbm7               | Cm7               |
  turned her world a - round, was it some

| Bbm7   Eb7                | Dbmaj7               |
  guy, or lots of different    things, We all wonder

| B/Db          Db/Eb            | B/Db              Db/Eb           |
   where she's   gone. That sunny   girl we used to   know, Now every

| B/Db        (2/4)| Amaj9  (4/4)| Dmaj9 || Dmaj 9  F#m7      |
  night we get the    Mona          Show            Maybe its

|Fmaj7               Am/C     | Em7     | Am7                    |
  good that she's a - bove it    all         Things don't seem as

| C13  |Fmaj7            | Bb7+11                |
  dark,     When you're   already dressed in black

|Cmaj7            |Fmaj7             Am/C    | Em7     | Am7           |
    We try not to   see the writing   on the   wall         What happens

|C13                 |Fmaj7            | Bb7+11             |
   tomorrow, When the   moonrays Get so   bright,  When she

| Am                | Am/G#           | Am/G            | Am/F#   (Fm7 |
  rises, Towards the  starlight  Miles  above the city's   heat, will she

| Em7                  | Am7    Dm7/ A | Dm7/G | Dm7/G  Dm7b5/Ab  |
  fall hard , Or float   softly  to the    street       tonight the



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