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Ida Lee

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[A] They're throwing a party  [C] [D]
[A] For big Ida Lee  [G] [D]
[A] The man from the skyway  [C] [D]
[E] The chinaman and me  [G] [E]

[A] There's so much affection  [C] [D]
[A] It's making me crazy  [G] [D]
[A] I've run out of reasons  [C] [D]
[E] For keeping it neat  [G] [E]

[C] Everybody's [D] laughing
[C#m] Every[F#]body's [Bm]making love
[G7] Ida Lee, it's [D] you I'm thinking [E] of...

[A] Threw out the favors  [C] [D]
[A] The hooters and the hats  [G] [D]
[A] We put out the candles  [C] [D]
[E] We blew out the cat  [G] [E]

[A] My temperature's rising  [C] [D]
[A] Were all on the chaise lounge  [G] [D]
[A] Big Ida Lee  [C] [D]
[E] She's nowhere to be found  [G] [E]




[A] They open the airshaft  [C] [D]
[A] As Ida walks in  [G] [D]
[A] She comes up to me and whispers  [C] [D]
[E] "Honey, where have you been?"  [G] [E]

[A] I'm stripping my gears  [C] [D]
[A] I'm blowing my fuse  [G] [D]
[A] 'Cause Ida Lee's giving me  [C] [D]
[E] Somewhat more than I can use  [G] [E]

(solo and fade)

Arpeggio Tab for end of each line in verse

     First Line                Second Line
     C       D                 G       D
E |------0-------2-------------3-----3-2-----2--------------|
B |------------------------------3-------3------------------|
G |----0---0---2---2---------------0-------2----------------|
D |----------0----------------------------------------------|
A |--3------------------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------------|

     Third Line                Fourth Line
     C       D                 G       E
E |------0-------2-------------3-----3-0-----0--------------|
B |------------------------------3-------0------------------|
G |----0---0---2---2---------------0-------1----------------|
D |----------0----------------------------------------------|
A |--3------------------------------------------------------|
E |---------------------------------------------------------|

(Transcribed by Clay Jones)


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