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My Waterloo

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My Waterloo

by Walter Becker

from the album 11 Tracks of Whack

INTRO:    r  C  r  C  r  C  r  Dm    C                Dm 
(rhythm:  1  2  3  4  1  2  3  4, etc..)

r=1/4 rest

      Eb                         F   Eb          F
         i came a long long way from home

      C(xii)                       Bm7  C(xii)             Bm7
            i travelled far just to be here today

repeat....    across an endless sea of salty tears
              behind a dividing line of eighteen years

CHORUS: (play these riffs over the intro chords):

  C                           Dm

                                    you got to walk that road alone
  C                            Dm

                                   you got to walk that lonely

VERSE: same as the first..
      little riff:   e--6gb7---8-6-----    gb=gradual bend
i've worn my heart out on my sleeve
a sight you surely must have spied by now

                         (little riff)
i admit that i dont even know youre name
but i feel like i could know you all the same

CHORUS: same music also

(riff1)      are you gonna walk that road with me?
(riff2)      or is it gonna be that lonely?

(riff1)      are you gonna walk that road with me sometime? 
(riff2)      dont make me be that lonely

SOLO: Dm (on 2 and 4, for 4 measures)    Cm  (same rhythm, same duration)

BRIDGE: (continue on as above for 8 more measures)
         it's still no easy thing     to hold your head up high

         ev'ry time you turn around   somebody knocks your statue down

VERSE3: (back to the normal verse music, without the little riff)

    I tried my best to hold my ground
    I swore i'd never let it be this way

    but now i dropped my sword and broke my gun
    just like some tragic beat Napoleon

(riff1)  Now i gotta walk that road again
(riff2)  now i gotta walk that lonely

(riff1)  Now i gotta walk that road again, one time
(riff2)  now i gotta be that lonely

VERSE4: (same verse music, but with the little riff where indicated)

                           little riff
what with no better way to go
as long as i'm still kicking that gun around  around

                         little riff                          
i see this time i met my match in you
i know now that you are my waterloo

(with the chorus chords and riffs, for 16 measures:)

my waterloo...
i know know that you are my
i know know that you are my waterloo, etc...


(ends abrupbtly on the Dm chord)

because the shapes are so high on the neck, I'll just spell
them out this way...

C(viii)   8-X-10-9-8-8

Dm     10-X-12-11-10-10

Eb      11-X--13-12-11-11

F        13-X-15-14-13-13 

C(xii)   X-X-14-12-13-12  

Bm7   X-14-16-14-15-14

Cm     8-X-10-8-8-8


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