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G  G/C  G  G/C  G
I lived in no holy house but the [Am] Grand Hotel
The back [F] streets of this old [Am] town I know so [G] well.
And I drunk of no holy wine save [Am] muscatel;
Now my [F] friend , I've got to [Am] go,
You tell [F] everyone [G] I know

I'm sayin' good[D]bye, bye, bye, [Am7]Dallas;
I can't [D]stay, should have been at the [Am7]palace
Yesterday[D] bye, bye, [Am7]Dallas; got to [Cmaj7]go  [C]  [Em]
And I re[D]member when they [C]told me so. [Em]

Am7  D    

G  G/C  G  G/C  G

Right now I'm wonderin' where the good times have gone;
All the things I never loved when they was mine.
Hot city and an empty pocket make a man think on;
I've been living low so long,
Gotta get back where I belong.


(straight into verse for slide steel guitar solo)



Bye, bye, Dallas;
I can't stay., should have been at the palace
Yesterday, bye, bye, Dallas;
I can't stay. should have been at the palace
Yesterday, hey no bother; it's understood
Livin' under cover don't do no good.

(repeat and fade)

(Transcribed by Clay Jones)


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