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Person Music Lyrics
View the picture Donald Fagen Yes Yes

Versions of this song

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Info of this version of the song Artist Release Live Time In my collection

Play the sample 1 Anthony Wilson View the album cover Adult themes No Not in my collection
2 View the picture Chuck Loeb
No 5:26 Compact Disc
Play the sample 3 View the picture Donald Fagen
No 3:50 Compact Disc
Play the sample 4 Eric Bolvin View the album cover Workin' it No 3:50 Not in my collection
5 Hans Martin Austestad No 3:56 MPEG layer 4
6 View the picture Justin Morell Quintet View the album cover The Music of Steely Dan No 6:49 Compact Disc
7 Marina Lima ? No Not in my collection
Play the sample 8 Mark Murphy
No 2:43 Not in my collection
9 View the picture The four freshman Fresh! No 4:03 Compact Disc

Tours on which this song was played

2019: Sweet Steely Dan tour 2019

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