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Glamour profession

6:05 outside the stadium
Special delivery for Hoops McCann
Brut and Charisma poured from the shadow where he stood
Looking good he's a crowd pleasing man
One on one He's schoolyard superman
Crashing the backboard he's Jungle Jim again
When it's all over we'll make some calls from my car, we're a star

It's a glamour profession
The L.A. concession
Local boys will spend a quarter 
Just to shine the silver bowl
Living hard will take its toll

Illegal fun
Under the sun

All aboard The Carib Cannibal
Off to Barbados just for the ride
Jock with his radar stalking the dreaded moray eel
At the wheel with his Eurasian bride
On the town we dress for action
Celluloid bikers is Friday's theme
I drove the Chrysler
Watched from the darkness while they danced
I'm the one


Hollywood I know your middle name
Who inspires your fabled fools that's my claim to fame


Jive Miguel he's in from Bogota
Meet me at midnight at Mr. Chow's
Szechuan dumplings after the deal has been done
I'm the one



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