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I got the news

You in your Lark, you're a mark, you're a screamer
You know how to hustle
Daddy is a rare millionaire, I don't care
Yeah, you got the muscle, I got the news. 

Yes dear, how did you know?
Can't you see our love will grow.

Take it in your hand, all the sirens and the band
Get to bendin' my ear
How was I to know about the warm soulful secret
You been keepin' for years, I got the news

Broadway Duchess darling if you only knew
Half as much as everybody thinks you do
What I hear may be true
I would still be proud to know you


Spanish kissin', see it glisten
You came ragin', love rampagin'

Slow down, I'll tell you when, 
I may never walk again,

I got the news (demo lyrics)

Gary's on the phone with the lizard and she tells him that she's looking to move
Daddy is a rare millionaire but they're nervous and they can't find a groove
Our brains on the floor
I know we been had
I can't remember business being that bad

I got the news
I got the news

Molecule in hand all the sirens and the band got to bending my ear
How were they to know 'bout the [gripping/creepy?] soulful secret I been keeping for years?
This thing that I found
It's got to explode
The time has come I know I got to unload

I got the news
I got the news

(guitar solo)

You, in your Lark, you're a mark, you're a screamer, you're a son of a gun
Coffee breaking breathlessly awaiting your arrival isn't my kind of fun
Hey now
Walks in the door
Everybody wonders what its good for

You don't have to wonder anymore
I got the news
I got the news
I got the news
I got the news
I got the news
I got the news


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