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This is my building

On a so-so day with the best among us selling short and cracking wise
And the also ran's  are going  belly up bust  with the dollar signs in their eyes
Look at God's good fella in a push position  drawing dead on an inside straight 
Trading three martini lunches at L`upo for a South Beach diet plate

I love my job here
Hope I don't blow it
This is the good life
You'd never know it

So I hit the the street on the blazing backend of a drop dead margin  call
Where I take my chances with a black car bandit  with the deep Punjabi drawl
Now we zoom uptown hurry up slow down til  brakes begin to smoke
Til my body's broken like the tired punchline of a bad cabdriver joke

God bless you Chandalur  Singh 
Thanks for next to nothing
Smooth ride notwithstanding  
All the way all the way all the way all the way home

This is my building
I stake my claim here
Look on the mailbox you can read my middle name here
This is my building 
This is no trash talk
This is me standing on my chunk of god's own sidewalk

So I settle on down with my brandy snifter and my beak packed full of cake
With the Knicks  game over and I guess it's time for my poontang popcorn break
So I swallow my pride and I dial the number which has never failed up ??til now
And the girl on duty says I'm pleased to please you if you'll only tell me how

My soul's been broken 
My skills all rusty
Who's young and curious
Sleek  blonde and busty

So a half hour later when the door swings open and she's framed in golden light
With a smile on her lips and a song in her heart and a cash-driven appetite 
As I whisk her bedward in my classic seven and my prospects start to float
And I tell myself ain't it lucky buddy that your old man caught the boat

Good evening star eyes
Your dream has come true 
Please let me rock you 
All the way all the way  all the way all the way home

This is my building
You're very new here
There's only one thing for a monkey girl to do here
This is my building
This is no freak thing 
This is no jokey play on words or tongue in cheek thing

My heart was leaking like a sieve
Turns out I had one more bang to give
Hallelujah honeychile big daddy's gonna live!
Ever and ever and ever and ever and more

This is my building
Can't be improved on
So hows about you make like a tree and get a move on
This is the real deal
This is no fakeout
This is the eight PM at God's own bloody steakhouse

This is my building, baby
(Fo Weal...)

					Walter Becker and Larry Klein
					© 2005, 2018 Zeon Music LLC/Strange Cargo/Downtown Music


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