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She was good

Hey there Janie girl
You're looking good all over
Sashaying your way on down that luggage line
Yes a sight beyond compare
Lookin at you standing there
So glad and happy just to be a friend of mine

Jumping in your little white car
Screaming down the I-280
There's that Golden Gate
Shining like a string of diamonds
This Bay City just rolls on and on and on

That's right - you told me twice
You want to pick up something nice
To help this evening last way past the dawn

Hang a left at Chinatown
Ready for the 3-flight walk-up
Maybe I just rest my eyes on you a while
Dressed up like you are
In nothing but your Sunday smile

Good - she was good - good for nothing
Nothing but that one thing, as far as I could tell
That was enough to believe in
And all else is forgotten
Maybe just as well.

And I know Janie girl
This whole world's gone crazy
When the cops pick up a fine young thing like you
Yes I go your bail
The check is in the mail
You'll find my heart out in that mailbox too

Special delivery girl so
Handle it nice and easy
You don't want to meet my mom
You don't want to have my baby
You just want to kick and scratch
And party all night long

What we got is God's own buzz
Guess that's all it ever was
Love is only skin deep girl
So how could we go wrong

Better than it is right now
Not in a month of Sundays
This could be our shining hour I suppose
So come on girl let's get it on
Before this bathtub overflows

Good - she was good - good for nothing
Only just her bad self
Was all I'd ever know
That was a lot to hold on to
Hard enough to handle
But harder to let go

Hey now, hey now,  hey now, hey now, hey now baby
Hey now, hey now,  hey now, hey now, hey now baby


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