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Only one season

The old friends and the family  
Rumbling in the alley  
Somehow you don't care anymore 
The guts and the glory  
The old hard luck story 
Heard it all before    
The bad breaks and the heartaches 
You give 'em , you get 'em 
Make all the same mistakes  
That's cool, you let 'em  
No use trying to please them dear 
There's only one season here    

You cut loose of the whole deal 
You jump on in your bad wheels 
There's just not a whole lot more to know 
You drop down into first gear 
You start out from right here 
And point it where you want to go  
The rain falls and the wind blows,  
That's how they rig it 
It's all part of the floor show 
Sit back and dig it 
You don't need a reason dear  
Only one season here 

Now we all had some good fun 
But this one here's a re-run  
Generally it's more sad than true 
The bad guys and the black hats 
We've been there and done that, 
Now I'm gonna do something new  
The good luck and the big bucks 
You get 'em when you need 'em 
It's up there in the headlines 
It ain't hard to read 'em  
Ringing out loud and clear
 Just the one season here  

Ringing out loud and clear  
Just the one season here  

No use trying to please them dear 
Just the one season here.


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