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With a gun

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I could be wrong but I have seen your face before;
You were the man that I saw running from the store
You owed him money, but you gave him something more with a gun.

With a gun you will be what you are just the same.
Did you pay the other man with the piece in your hand
And leave him lyin' in the rain?

You were the founders of the clinic on the hill
Until he caught you with your fingers in the till.
He slapped your hand so you settled up your bill with a gun.


When you're born to play the fool
And you've seen all the western movies,
Woe to the one who does you wrong.
You'll hide in the bushes,
Murder the man with Luger in hand.

I understood that you will soon be leavin' town;
Don't try to call me when they fin'lly run you down.
Just give fair warning any time you come around with a gun.



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