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Cash only island

So when is Sue in?
Slow Friday night
Box down to be among the city 
Where the vibe is right
She doubleclicks the icon 
Waits to juice
Salt spray hits she's thinking 
If anybody had it right

Crazy beaches in the moonlight 
Cash only island's a lucky night
Let's take a hayride 
To the great hall of fun
Sue and the carefree 
Tell the fellas what you've won

Some kinky pothead 
Fights the room
Ben picks "Bully bully"
How I love that tune
So forget Paris

Tear yourself away
2 or 3 double Marti's 
And a straight Jack 
Start to look OK


The night is quiet 
The good ring comes
Can't you hear the distant drumming 
Of the cash only island drums?
The smell is rising 
The lava starts to flow
Pick up the house for the honey 
Let's go and go and go....



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