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Kulee baba

My nom-de-vage is Mexuine
I carry the proper papers
I seek the primal rhythms of the bush
I preserve great moments as they come
And sure this must be one
Brightly colored dancers on the screen
Are no more than a prelude to the ritual unfolding
No white man's eyes have ever seen
The cruel primeval rite that you're beholding

Kulee Baba
Coming your way
Ev'ry Sunday
Live from nowhere
Sat'lite relay
Hell on Broadway

My suit is a bright Irish green

The color and cut are striking
I'm something of a standout in the crowd
Don't chew on that power cable, son
I guess I owe you one
Bored with my Chief Engineer
I'll mix with the mouth for all the folks at home
I'm tasting the local beer
And half the crew is dancing in the fold



Sweet holy Jesus, what a night
Saint Augustine was right
The cam'raman began the Kulee Baba
The broadcast was over
Our featured friends were gone
I hear there's a bash in New Orleans

It's a long finale, we must be moving on
Moving on...



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