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Roaring of the lamb

Want some redhots
Cried the handsome fullback
I'm so nervous
At this lonely bedside 
All the men
Have long since gone to bed
Once again explaining
Why in mischiever 
It's always raining

And the roaring of the lamb
Brought my friends out in the rain
Now nobody's quite the same
No one's to blame

There's a fight
Reported in the wash-dry
Smart Eugene
Refused to share his moon-pie
What a shame
They start them off so young
Who's to blame for this one

Who'll pay the profit
The day they miss one

And the roaring of the lamb
Then revealed its awesome powers
And the minutes turned to hours
No one's the same

Blandon's baby
Broke for Easter Parkway
Red Kimono
Torn and soaked with salt spray
Very Chic
This wild thing on the run
Magnifique, beguiling
Nailed Gwynan's daughter
But no one's smiling


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