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Come back baby

I don't like waiting for a knock on the door
I don't like wondering why
I got no mercy for a man and his tears
He's just living a lie
I got a feeling like I'm losing my cool
That's no way to be 
You got me crying got me playing the fool
That's what you're doing to me

You gotta come back baby
I don't wanna say how long it's been
Five days and I gotta know now
Come back baby
I don't wanna live alone again
My old man never thought me how

I don't like lying all alone in my bed

Nobody calling my name
I can't say thank you for a kick in the head
But I need you just the same
See me sitting by the side of the road
People staring and smiling
They got no mercy for a man and his tears
Can't you hear me cry






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