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Hard up case

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You told me once I was your pride and joy
I guess those days are dead and gone
You must have took me for some golden boy
You didn't know what you were taking on
It was a hard up case

It was a hard up case
Just another hard up case

Now all the angels have been played in three's
There isn't much that I can say
I know you gave your little heart to me
I guess I threw the thing away
It was a hard up case

Sometimes the truth is kinda hard to find

But don't you worry I can read your mind
And you don't have to tell me to my face
You put some other joker in my place

They dealt us houses full with queens and kings
And now they're calling out our bluff
Cause you and me girl we had everything
But it just wasn't quite enough
Now that's a hard up case

You say the truth is gonna set me free
Like you might throw a dog a bone
I know you're thinking that the joke's on me
Just take a look at what you're draggin' home

Another hard up case


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