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A little with sugar

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A Little With Sugar Chords
Been playing this old Furry Years chestnut a lot lately.  This one is so poignant and raw...

Dm/F    E7    Dm/F    E     Dm/F    E

Am7   D    Am7   D     F    Am

      Em7                           Am
I remember Christmas morning

                 F             G     Am
Back in Nineteen Fifty Four

                   Em7                          Am
When we moved her to Mount Savage

    /G       F          Em6      Dm        /E
As if it mattered any      more

F                      Em7
Mama always said

F                         Bm7          E7         Am7
How the air can clear her head

                 Em7                       Am
We were colder and much higher

                  F      G     Am
Than we ever were before

   Em7                       Am
I recall her tailored jersey

/G            F         Em6         Dm       /E
And the flowers that she wore

F                 Em7
Years ago I tried to tell her

F                         Bm                           E7              F
What was in my heart but she was part of the city

Dm/F                               E7
She took a little with sugar

Am                                       D7
She took the money from my old man

Dm/F                               E7
She took a little with sugar

Am                                      D7                   /Eb  /E      F      Am
She took the money from my old man

          Em7                       Am
All the years that she was with us

         F             G          Am
You could count them on one hand

             Em7               Am          /G
I was taken with her showboat style

              F              Em6          Dm     /E
But too young to under   -  stand

F                  Em7
She was all alone

F                   Bm                    E7             F
Ahead of her time she was first generation


Transcriptions by Matthew Kerns


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