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You go where I go

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Fadd9 / Bb / Eb
I'm about to cry and I don't know the reason
I can see the start of a difficult season

Gm7 / Cadd9
I can't let it get me down
When everything is going wrong
Gm / Am / Bb / C
Ain't it good to know that I can be strong darling
Am7 / Dm7 / Gm7 / Cadd9
As long as you go where I go

I can't complain about the pain and the heartache
    F7+   Dm7
The tears when your kisses disguise the lies
Em / Am7
My eyes don't see
Bb / F/a / Bb/c
And what do I need to know
As long as you go where I go

Wake up in the morning where the bad news can't find me
Walking in the sunshine with you right behind me
'Cause lazy living sure treats me right
What comes tomorrow will be gone
And anywhere at all is where I belong darling
As long as you go where I go

I'm unaware of the cares and the sorrow
The hurt that your loving can hide from me
My eyes don't see
And what do I need to know
As long as you go where I go

Transcriptions by Rogier van Mazijk


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