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Hard up case

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Hard Up Case

by Walter Becker

from the album 11 Tracks of Whack


bass riff (throughout verses)
(repeat for a 8 measures)

keyboard riff
   F Gm                  Bb C
e--1-3-1-3-1--3-3-     ---6-8-6-8-6--8--
b--1-3-1-3-1--3-3-(x2) ---6-8-6-8-6--8--

*NOTE* Because the rhythm is so tricky, i didnt
       line up the tab with the words EXACTLY, but this should
       be enough to give you an idea as to how it goes

        C  D                 C  D...

    you told me once i was your pride and joy

Bb  C...                            Bb  C...
    i guess those days are dead and gone

C D..                            C  D...
     you mustve took me for some golden boy

Bb C...                          Bb   C...
     you didnt know what you was takin' on, it was a hard up case


horn riff (melody only...played over the F-G figure):

    F G...        F G...                             

Bb C...                   Bb C..
    it was a hard up case,     just another hard up case



C  D...                          C  D....
    now all the angles have been played in threes

Bb  C..                           Bb C....
    there wasnt much that i could say

C  D..                           C  D...
     i know you gave your little heart to me

Bb  C                           Bb C...    
     i guess i threw the thing away, now thats a hard up case

(repeat quasi-chorus horn/F-G figure)

Bb C...                   Bb C..
    it was a hard up case,     just another hard up case


    sometimes the truth is kinda hard to find

    dont you worry, i can read your mind

    you dont have to tell me to my face

    you put this other joker in my place

SOLO: played over the F-G and Bb-C quasi-chorus figure


C D..                                C  D
   they dealt these houses full with queens and kings

Bb  C...                            Bb  C...                    
     and now theyre calling out our bluff

C  D...                            C  D....
    cause me and you, girl, we had ev'rything

Bb  C                         Bb C...                 
     but it just wasnt quite enough, now thats a hard up case

(quasi-chorus again)


C  D..                          C D..
     you say the truth it gonna set me free

Bb  C...                           Bb  C...
     like you might throw the dog a bone

C  D...                                C  D....... 
    i know youre thinking now that the jokes on me

Bb C..                            Bb  C...                 
   just take a look at what youre draggin' home, another hard up case

(play the quasi-chorus yet again, and fade out on the C-D,Bb-C figure)


3X5353  XX5566
 C7/G    Gm11


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