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Dog eat dog

Stranded in Red Hook
I check in the black book
For anybody's cave
I run into guess who
A boozer to rescue
But there's nothin' left to save

The Indian hat clerk
Is doing his homework
Eating soda cracker dog style
They check it once over
And drag it to Dover
Where they dump it on the rock pile

Cause it's dog eat dog eat dog
Ain't no use to fight it
It's dog eat dog eat dog
Grab it fast and bite it
Dog eat dog eat dog eat dog eat dog eat dog

Now I've got the power
The man in the hour
Is leaving room for no doubt
The picadors catch you
And what does it get you
But an incandescent blowout

And if he sees you
The judge he don't please you
He'll catch you on the rebound
So rip off your mask or
The best you can ask for
Is a mattress in the city pound





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