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Papa stashed it away / and it wasn't waiting for no rainy day
With a pool in our backyard / and he never worked too hard
He was nobodies fool / and he sent me to a very private school
It was easy, it was fun, and one by one I let my days go by (gently by)

Now the days of alms have past / there's no more rainbows to be had
Just thinking 'bout the days that used to be
But a monkey on a silver string / ain't really all that bad
Just waiting 'til my Jones comes down to me

Do you recall? / The gallery, the writing on the wall?
All the words / and the wine / me believing they were mine
Now the only words I hear / say my dreams will disappear / and turn to clay (?and lead the way)


One more lonely night / and no one here but just myself and I
There is nothing I can do / my fighting days are through, if you please
I'm on my knees



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