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Oh wow it's you again

When I'm sure
You guided last
I make believe
That I have no past
I make a cheer
And wipe away all the tears
I take another rule
And find another friend
And when I fear
That you're not real
I stop and then

Oh Wow it's you again
How odd I should meat you here
Oh Wow it's you again
You honk me 
You tonk me
Why don't you dissappear

This hotel
Had a view
One with walls
And shades of blue
I payed my bill
And started over again
I flipped another penny

Counted up to ten
I let her rip
Just like a gipsy dog in hand


In this war
A foreign place 
There's not one familiar face
Seems this time
I've got myself far behind
I write another letter
I know I'll never sing
I lock the door
And walk out for some air and then



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