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More to come

The fish are flying in the county sea
The cops are searching for a missing pea
And Billy Burroughs, is he still on the nod?
Be with the girl if I'm not a dandy guy
But be assured that if this shaking world
Is sucked into the sun

More to come
More to come
And when the seventh day at last is gone
More to come
More to come

The lady's sure looked like they're craving for me
But ain't that just what they're supposed to be
I hear the man is moving in next door

The boys will have to use the second floor
You might have answers I can understand
But I know only one


The kids have thorn a yellow packet apart
Ain't that enough to break a rich mans heart
I see the rats have found the cradle again
I'll let you know if I remember when
There's one conclusion that I must defend
It's where we started from



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