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Sun mountain

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When I lost my way home
I was helpless
Like a small child
No eyes of my own
That could take me through the nighttime
No moonlight to guide me
No shadow to hide me
There in the dark
I found Sun Mountain

I once had a friend
Tied to help me
In a bad way
When I got to the end
Of a long and lonely highway
Strung out and down-hearted
Right back where I started
There in the dark
I found Sun Mountain

Here in my world
I remember
All the things I left behind

And if I need them
They will be there
A part of my mind

It's only a house
And the rooftop
Is the blue sky
No windows or walls
And the days or years pass by 
I slept throught the daylight
I woke up, it was midnight
There in the dark
I found Sun Mountain 



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